[Solved] Failed to launch debug adapter and Additional information may be available in the output window

When I was developing an application using Visual Studio and trying to debug the code, I got an issue as a popup alert showing One or more errors occurred, Failed to launch debug adapter. Additional information may be available in the output window, exception of type ‘Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shared.VSCodeDebugProtocol.ProtocolException‘ was thrown. For this issue, I could find a solution which is very easy.


If we look at the error description, we can observe two things mainly. One the issue is related to debug process and second is that issue is having exception detail like Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shared.VSCodeDebugProtocol.ProtocolException.

So Visual Studio having some issue and its throwing above exception. Hopefully Visual Studio will solve this issue in future releases.

The reason for this issue, I was trying debug the application or try to run the application from Visual Studio IIS Express web server.

Error screenshot


When I tried to solve above issue, I observed there was one browser instance already created and opened in my previous debug and run of the application using Visual Studio. To solve above issue, I just needed to close the already created browser instance during my previous application run using Visual Studio.

Issue occurred because of browser already opened


The solution for this issue was very simple and most of the issues which will occur during debugging the application or running the application using Visual Studio, are very easy to fix most of the time. Most of the time it will be solved if we restart the Visual Studio application.

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