[Solved] WrapperSimpleApp: Encountered an error running main: SonarQube requires Java 11 to run

When we are trying to install SonarQube in a windows machine, we may encounter an error saying “WrapperSimpleApp: Encountered an error running main: SonarQube requires Java 11 to run“. This issue can occur for different reasons and all the reasons and solutions are discussed in this article.


If we analyze the exception, we will get to know that Java 11 is required it is saying. But this issue can also come in different scenarios. So different solutions I have given below with an explanation.

Solution 1

First solution obviously we have to make sure that we have installed exactly Java 11 not lower version nor higher version.

User can download Java 11 from this Officially download page of Java 11.

Solution 2

After installing Java 11 if getting the same exception then Sonar Service needs to know the path of Java JDK 11 path. To inform Sonar Service about Java JDK 11 path, we have to mention the Java JDK path in wrapper.conf file. This wrapper.conf will be available in sonarqube-\conf folder.

wrapper.conf file

Java JDK 11 -> Bin -> Java path

Open the wrapper.conf file with any text editor and replace wrapper.java.command=Java JDK 11 path in place of wrapper.java.command=Java as shown in the below image.

User have to mention wrapper.java.command=C:/Program Files/Java/jdk-11.0.10/bin/java like this in wrapper.conf file. In my computer java jdak 11 was installed in C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-11.0.10\bin folder.


While installing SonarQube in windows, this is a common issue which almost everyone would encounter. So if the user follows proper installation steps, then installing SonarQube is very easy. Here are the complete steps to install SonarQube below

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